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  WashinTrading Co. Ltd  was established in 1997 with the ambition to cater the needs of foreigners and Muslims who are seeking halal food in Japan. Washin Trading Co Ltd aims to expand across Japan to gather more interest and provide more dynamic ventures for the interested seekers.



Washin Trading Co Ltd is the leading and fast-growing name in import/export industry where it has onboarded many renowned brands from Pakistan, India and other countries. People who seek halal store or halal shop in tokyo, kisarazu,

by the name of National Mart, they can visit our outlets or order online through our website. This is Online Halal Food Shop in japan We believe in customer building and delivering quality.

Our Major Projects


National Mart – Halal Store Japan


Being a Pakistani or Muslim, living in a country that doesn’t normally serve you halal products is quite a struggle. Introducing you to our company-affiliated National Mary Halal Stores now available and accessible in Japan can make your life beyond easy. Visit our website to locate the nearest Halal Store by your residence or place your order online.




Siddique Group of Restaurants provides the best Eateries in Japan where Hygienic and Traditional foods are primed by the Intercontinental Culinary Experts. Moreover, the standards are preserved under the Halal measures.  Visit the Official Website now and Locate the nearest Siddique Restaurant by your Home or Office.




We are the pioneers of brining the Hand-picked Mangoes from the Nature of Pakistan. Pakistani Mangoes are known for the best pulp and saccharine taste, being the finest shippers in Japan, you can enjoy the authentic taste of Pakistan through Washin Trading.


Koshihikari Japanese Rice

Koshihikari Japanese Rice is the most demanding rice grain across Japan. We believe in providing the basic necessities to the consumers is what makes us happy. The whole process of cultivation includes cultural and traditional customs which makes it more Unique. Our team carefully analyse the seed and take it to the seed bed for land preparation where transplantation is observed under the hybrid technology that ensures each plant has set to be fertilized positively. The process then leads to pest management until the rice fields are ready to be harvested. Moreover, we apply unique technology for threshing and drying. We keep the whole process observant to provide our customers a great experience because we are passionate about what we are doing.


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